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Following up on your initial fulfilment

A client I was helping out earlier in the year showed me a really good landing page for an advertising campaign (or at least it was all set to be good once they’d removed all the irrelevant menus and other “page furniture”). The page offered prospects a range of collateral such as a brochure, a downloadable software tool, a video they could pass around and a white paper. Something for everyone, you would think.

When prospects reaching the page clicked on the item they wanted, they were asked for some contact details – the usual fair exchange. In return, they got an email confirming their request, and thanking them.

We wondered, however, if prospects might want more than one of the items on offer. It was quite likely, we thought. Some of the items might be attractive but perhaps only a bit later. How easy was it therefore to find the landing page again? Virtually impossible, it turned out, unless prospects could track down the original advert which had led them to the page.

So the key was in the email which was sent. This needed to give prospects a permanent record of where to return for more information. And that was a vital link which wasn’t included.

Of course, best of all, every action taken by a prospect should trigger a further email – perhaps delayed – offering them something further, until they stop responding. Such a structured, proactive procedure seems elementary, even if it’s manual. But it’s something a surprising number of companies don’t have in place.

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