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Focus your email lists for greater engagement

Some fascinating research on marketing automation software provider Marketo’s blog argues very strongly that the smaller the email list you have, the more effective it will be. “But wait a minute”, I hear you say, “my email list is what it is. I can’t just make it smaller.”

Ah, but you can. It’s all about segmentation. Should you really be sending that email to everyone on your list, or is it really only relevant to a small section? Are you just sending it to everyone because you’re just too lazy to segment your email list into groups? As I’ve said before, if you send an email to someone who doesn’t want it, the best possible outcome is that they’ll ignore it! Alternatively, they’ll unsubscribe from your list (which will stop you telling them about the stuff they do want to hear about) …or – worst of all – they’ll just quietly hate you. And that last group will contain valuable prospects or customers who you don’t want to upset.

At the very least, every company’s promotional email list should be divided into customers, prospects (people who’ve enquired but never bought) and others. If nothing else, that’ll stop you annoying customers with information about products they probably know as well as you do. The best companies, however, segment much more deeply than this.

Here’s the data at 23% of Email Engagement Is Explained By Segmentation.

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  1. This is an common and problematic dilemma that I’m sure most marketers face. The issue we normally find is that we’d like to contact all our customers regularly AND have segmented them by product interest. However, we don’t always have the time and resources to craft several mailshots and so end up sending a “covers a bit of everything” email to everyone for the sake of being able to reach out to all people on a monthly basis. If we focused solely on product specific mailshots for the segmented groups then we’d only be able reach out to people every 2-3 months (via email) so the trickle effect would take longer.

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