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Coping with the seven answers to every sales question

This is interesting. It can be argued that there are only seven answers to every sales question (the most obvious two being “yes” and “no”), and bearing that in mind, have you got a strategy to deal with each one? This is obviously an important consideration in face to face sales, but it’s also worth bearing in mind with your website design. Your web pages accommodate the people who want to say “yes” to your proposal (or at least I hope they do) by giving them an easy response or buying mechanism. For the people who say “no”, you might investigate how they got there in the first place, and ensure you’re offering them an alternative. But what about the other five answers? Are you giving the appropriate information to these people too?

Ah, hang on. You’re wondering what the other five answers are. For that you’ll have to head over to S. Anthony Iannarino’s Sales Blog and read The Only Seven Responses to Any Question. Then have a think about the implications.

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