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It’s not “About Us”. Who are “Us”?

Do your website’s most fundamental pages reflect the way people might be looking for them? I’d be prepared to bet they don’t. For example, you might have a page showing how to get to your head office. I’d bet it’s titled something like “how to find us”. But if somebody wanted to find out where you were, would they go to Google and type in “how to find us”?

Of course not, that makes no sense. They would type in something like “directions to blue widget company leicester” or something like that. No matter that it might not be the most efficient way of finding out where you were: that’s what they would type in. So the page on your website which shows how to get to your head office needs a headline saying something like “Directions to the Blue Widget Company’s Leicester Head Office”. Not “how to find us”.

The same applies to “About Us”. Why would people want to read this page? What questions does it answer? If the page is about your company’s locations, distributors, history or scope of activities, it needs a headline (or sub-headings) which explain that. Not “About Us”. So if somebody searches for “blue widget company product range” or “blue widget company distributors”, the search engines can find – and return – a page which happens to have those words in the headline.

It’s obvious really. But the best ideas so often are.

(Hat-tip to the Branding & Marketing blog for pointing this out)

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