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Just concentrate on the simple things

If any of you read more around the subject of search engine optimisation than this blog (and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it), you’ll doubtless have seen articles such as this one on the David Naylor blog which discuss how random and frustrating SEO is becoming. And it’s true. So why do I continue to encourage all of you to plough the traditional furrow of building a well-tagged website and getting links to it? Because so few websites in the B2B arena do this basic stuff even remotely properly, that’s why. There’s all sorts of nonsense going on in the hyper-competitive areas where the top SEO consultants work, and I don’t envy them having to deal with it all. But for the rest of us, with online marketing budgets lucky to make it into the tens of thousands of pounds annually, never mind daily, just concentrate on the simple things that we discuss here. I’ve seen some amazing results even in the past year.

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