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Your product pages should be your best salesperson

When clients talk about creating “landing pages” to run with advertising campaigns for standard products, the first question I always ask is “why isn’t your existing product page suitable as a landing page for the campaign?” Because it should be. There’s no difference between prospects arriving in response to an advertisement and prospects arriving from a Google search, for example.

Design an ideal landing page in your mind for one of your products, and then ask yourself why that’s not describing your existing product page. It’s quite likely that the landing page you imagine will have a strong, benefit-related headline, some punchy copy and a prominent call to action (I’ll talk more about this tomorrow). That’s what you want people who’ve clicked on your advert to see next. So why aren’t your product pages fulfilling the same function?

I think that for most companies, there’s a mindset that a product page on a website should be the equivalent of a data sheet, rather than a sales brochure. And I think that’s wrong. The product pages on your website are your most prolific and best salesperson. They’re not the technical support department.

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