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Using a blog to build relationships with magazines

Magazine editors can give your company valuable free publicity, and even in this new media age, there’s no shortage of companies offering to put out the welcome mat for them. You’d think, therefore, that magazine editors might have a sense of their own importance, but I can tell you that’s not true. Most are quite pessimistic about the impact of what they write.

This comes about, I suspect, because of the lack of feedback they get. Ever wondered why trade magazines don’t have letters pages or run competitions? It’s because nobody responds. And perhaps it’s human nature to focus on this. I remember, back in the 1990s, running a decent competition for readers in Industrial Technology magazine and getting no entries. Around the same time, we’d had a quite astonishing 2,000 requests from readers asking for a copy of one bearings supplier’s new catalogue, which proved how avidly the magazine was read. Yet – absurdly – the competition response weighed heavily on my mind.

If you have a company blog, you have a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with trade magazines by commenting on the things they say. This is a win-win; your response is an interesting short article for your blog, and the magazine will love the acknowledgement – and the link. Trust me, editors are only human and they’ll really appreciate that you took the time to discuss what they’d said. If you don’t have a blog, this might make a good idea for your next newsletter, or even Twitter if you’re using it.

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