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SEO over the Summer: Adding More Content

I cannot stress how important it is to invest in adding content to your website if you want to get more traffic from search engines like Google. The explanation is quite simple. Let’s say that you sell blue widgets, and every day 100 people search for “blue widgets” on Google. Of course you’d like to come out top for that search, although it’s so competitive in many markets that you stand very little chance if you’re not already nearly there. (It’d be much more sensible to put yourself on the page with a Google AdWords ad.)

But here’s the thing. There might be 100 searches for “blue widgets”, but on the same day there are 20 for “widgets which are blue”, 10 for “blue-type widgets”, 5 for “widget suppliers”, and dozens and dozens of other relevant searches which only get typed in once. In total, those “long tail” searches can add up to far more than the basic “blue widgets” search.

So, how do you start ranking well for these searches? The problem is that you don’t know what they are. Incredibly, millions of searches are made in Google every month for the first (and perhaps only) time ever. The answer lies in statistics: the more words you have on your website, the more likely it is you’ll match that unknown search.

In addition, we know that Google likes sites which have more content, and which are continually being added to. You get credit for this in the results rankings. So however much new stuff which goes on your website at the moment, see if you can increase this. You could do it by adding more background pages, more case studies or more how-to guides. You could introduce a blog which will allow you to include more free-form content such as interviews and company news. The potential is enormous, even for the smallest and most niche suppliers.

Most important of all, write a plan of how much you’re going to add, and when. Like most of these SEO projects, you can do this in-house, or you can subcontract it out, in this case to a technical writer. Whatever works for you.

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