Interview videos done affordably in-house

As most of you will be aware, here at BMON we make regular, traffic-generating videos for several of our clients, at what seems to be viewed as a very affordable price. Our videos are, in effect, slideshows and therefore don’t require any involvement from the client – just order a dozen, and off we go.

But what if you want some “interview” videos? These can be brilliant if you have personable salesmen or technical experts, and will take their message far beyond the limited number of prospects they can see in person. Can you make these videos without spending thousands of pounds on a professional video production company? Well, yes you can.

A good outline is given in Video SEO Success in 30 Minutes or Less – A Case Study on Search Engine Journal. This shows you how you can make “interview” videos in-house quickly and cheaply – so easily that companies could even consider a “video blog”. All you need is some hardware which you may have already, and someone enthusiastic enough to give it a try.

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