Glass half-full marketing

Of the last 100 industrial companies I’ve spoken to, or worked with, I reckon 70 or 80 reckon their online marketing is poor, and that for one reason or another they’re so behind the competition it’s almost not worth bothering. In most cases, they’re wrong. Even if your online marketing does leave something to be desired, the chances are that your competition is no better, and will often be substantially worse.

If your problem is that your MD can’t see the returns from spending £10,000 on your website, your biggest competitor’s MD probably doesn’t even know his company has a website. If your problem is that the German head office runs your online presence like it’s 2008, you’ll probably find that your biggest competitor’s French head office is still stuck in 2003. And if your problem is that you can’t get anything done without the approval of the sales director, who just wants the logo to be larger, your biggest competitor is probably getting advice from the MD’s wife, who thinks Comic Sans might improve things.

So cheer up. Almost every month we talk to companies who are thinking of starting a Google AdWords campaign through us, but are a bit ashamed to be so late to the party. When we do some market research, we often find that their biggest competitors haven’t done any search engine marketing either, or if they have, what they’ve done is so poor that together, we’ll be able to overtake their efforts overnight.

However frustrating things are, trust me, others have it worse. And it may be the companies you’re up against which have the biggest problems of all.

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