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Dominating the search results for your company name

Google is continually expanding the space occupied by top results in its searches, especially when they’re so clearly the ones which searchers want that they get massive clickthrough rates. Examples include company and brand names. You’ll all be familiar with the “sitelinks” that often appear for searches on company names. These are the collection of links to other pages on a site, which appear under the main result with miniature descriptions. Here’s a good article about them, and this is the sort of thing I’m talking about:

Sky TV search 1

If the result for a search on your company’s name results in this type of layout, that’s good for you, because it instills a sense of confidence in the importance of your business. The links form a sort of “mini home page” which I suspect will get even more detailed as time goes on. It’s just unfortunate that manipulating the links is very difficult. You don’t get to say which ones are chosen and what the text says.

Now these large, expanded sitelinks are coming to Google AdWords too, and this will be a good thing for companies advertising against their own sitenames. Take a look at the full search page for “sky tv” as shown above:

Sky TV search 2

You’ll see that Sky is investing in advertising against its own name, with the biggest ad possible (using the small sitelinks we’ve all been allowed until now) but by doing so it’s contributing to pushing part of its nice natural search result off the screen of a typical PC. All a bit of a mess, to be honest.

With the new expanded sitelinks, companies will be able to have huge AdWords ads taking up most (or even all) of the yellow panel, as big as the full sitelinks in the natural search results. Best of all, unlike the free, natural search links, they’ll be under the advertiser’s control. A real “mini home page”. Here’s more.

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