No blog? What’s your excuse?

I simply cannot understand why any business would not have a company blog, whether it’s for serious technical announcements, lighter stuff which might not have gone on the web otherwise, or anything in between. Or all of the above. Several companies say to me: “But we update our website regularly, we don’t need a blog”, and then admit that by “regularly” they don’t mean “frequently”. In fact, ten times a year would be an achievement. And even if they do add content to their site frequently, does the news then automatically emailed out to prospects? Does it get added to an RSS or Twitter feed which could get picked up elsewhere? Does the new stuff even get flagged up somewhere as having been added to the site?

Worst of all is the company which doesn’t have the ability to add anything to its website in under a week, and even then, only if it waves enough cash in front of the website designer who put their site together three years ago. With a blog, it’s a question of sign in, write your item, and press publish.

I think the main reason some marketing managers shy away from having a blog is that it’s hungry. A blog wants content, and adding content means more work. Well, if that’s the case, get somebody to write it. There are loads of decent writers out there who will write a blog entry for a fraction of the cost of a small advert in a magazine. It’ll also be a fraction of the cost of the monthly fee from a bad “SEO company” which – if it had any scruples – would be suggesting that the first thing you do, for better SEO, would be to put more content on your website. Like a blog.

Set yourself up with a blog today. Your website designer will be able to do it. Heck, we’ll do it for you if you ask. And while you’re pondering, have a look at these blogs from companies of different sizes to see what you’re aiming for:

The Ion Science User Blog
The Kr├╝ss Optronic Blog
General Motors Blog

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