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Mobile visitors get more important by the day

Making your website look good and function properly on mobile devices such as smartphones gets more important by the day. There’s no reason to put off ensuring it does so, because mobile traffic isn’t going to stop growing any time soon. Far too many marketing managers have in their mind an imaginary prospect who, to them, represents every visitor to the site …and that imaginary visitor is sitting at his desk using a Windows desktop PC and idly “researching suppliers”. The reality is that the majority of visitors to your website don’t fit into this neat little scenario at all. Take a more in-depth look at your website visitor analytics and you’ll see. Here’s the mobile traffic over the past three years on one website which I run; during the period, monthly visits have risen by about 10%, while the mobile proportion has risen from 3% to over 30%:


What’s more, the pages viewed per visit by mobile visitors is only marginally under the site average, so they’re “engaging” acceptably well (I’d instinctively assume that mobile users would look at fewer pages, after all). And the proportion of first-time visitors almost exactly mirrors the site average.

What does your website look like on a smartphone? What do your website analytics tell you about your “mobile visitors”? These are things we should all know.

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