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Launching a company blog: it’s this easy

If you’re going to launch a company blog, as I suggested yesterday, here are some notes on how to do it. Even if you’re not convinced, have a read and maybe the ease of setting up the whole thing might change your mind. It’s not hard. Smaller and even less well resourced companies than yours run thriving blogs, and use it to get the news out to suppliers, distributors, prospects and customers.

Firstly, add the blog section to your website (or if your company website is run by an unhelpful parent, set the blog up on its own domain, like Don’t say: “oh, it’s something we’ll do next time we get the website rebuilt”. That’s the worst time to start one, when you’ll have all sorts of other things to think about. Just get your website designer to add a WordPress blog to your site, and to link to it from your existing site’s header or footer if that’s possible. It’s just a few hours’ work. The software costs nothing.

The blog doesn’t have to look identical to the rest of the site, although giving it the same general feel makes sense. Visitors will be clicking backwards and forwards between the blog and the main website, and they need to feel they’re in related places.

Get the website designer to set up an email list alongside the blog, which people can subscribe to, and which will automatically email out any new additions. If you use Mailchimp, for example, there’s a simple RSS-to-email feature which will do this.

That’s it, really. I’d suggest you ensure there are at least half a dozen articles on the blog before it goes live, and that you have at least half a dozen in reserve at any time. But these can be rewrites of existing material, such as technical articles or case studies.

If you need any help at all, just email me. There’s no excuse for not talking to your customers and prospects regularly in the one place they’re most likely to expect you to do so.

2 thoughts on “Launching a company blog: it’s this easy”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Re: Company blogs
    After a couple of years writing blogs about ‘our’ products it is becoming more difficult to find new and interesting stuff to include. I have updated old articles, and include relevant industry stuff, but I have drawn the line at including competitor information-for example their new products.

    One of the drivers for the blog however is SEO. As a user I hate being driven to irrelevant sites so should I exclude them?


  2. I don’t think it’s necessary to start going on about competitors, unless you’re setting up a “totally independent” blog. If you’re struggling for ideas, there are quite a few good articles online such as this – just Google “b2b blog ideas” for a start. Nobody said it was easy though. 🙂

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