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Websites are not for life

Continuing my discussion from yesterday on how we might take the next step in our web presence, one thing which businesses simply have to do is to stop thinking of creating a website as a major initiative to be taken once a generation. The tools and skills now exist to make it so quick and easy to build a website that it should be more commonplace than printing a new brochure. It makes no sense to spend £20,000 (or even £2,000) on an advertising campaign or exhibition season without spending £500 on a dedicated web presence to accompany it. Investigating your offer online is the next step for almost everyone who saw your advert or met you at an exhibition, so you need to be ready for them. The website could be as simple as a page on your existing site or it could be a multi-page effort on its own domain, but the important thing is that you get out of the habit of thinking websites are for life. They can – and should – be created to support every marketing initiative, no matter how short-lived.

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