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Twitter keyword advertising: maybe, one day…

Just when the last thing you needed was another potential online advertising outlet, along comes more interesting advertising on Twitter. Now, I’m probably as skeptical as you are about the relevance of this “opportunity” to B2B marketing, but others think differently; as an example, read Why Twitter’s New Keyword Advertising Makes it a B2B Powerhouse on the B2B Insights Blog. Twitter now offers the opportunity to target your advertising by keyword, so the first thing to look at is whether your products are actually being discussed on Twitter. As an example, if you supply peristaltic pumps, you’ll be able to see (below) that there are at least some mentions online, even if it’s hardly a “trending topic”. Take a look at the “followers” for those accounts, and you’ll get an idea of how many people might be seeing those Tweets, and whether it’s worth targeting them. For now, I suspect that for most companies, there’ll be more effective outlets for their time.

Peristaltic Pumps

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