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Here’s an opportunity for you

In common with many of you, we had local council elections in our area yesterday. Now, when it comes to elections, you don’t have to be a political geek like me to take an interest in who wants our vote and what they stand for. And even if you’ve been deluged with leaflets through your letterbox, the chances are that if you want to find out about the candidates, you search online.

So when I did this, a few weeks ago, I was shocked to find out that none of the four candidates where I live had bothered to set up a website (or even a page) explaining why we should vote for them. I know these people were volunteering for a public service position where the commitment required was greater than the reward. But they still wanted something from us …and they didn’t have the initiative to provide any information in the first (and perhaps only) place where undecided voters might look. I know this to be the case, because I wrote a blog article on the candidates myself, and it was viewed by hundreds of different people.

What’s the lesson here? It’s that people search online for anything and everything. If you search for something related to your business, and come up with no helpful results, there’s an opportunity for you. Before moving on to “how can I rephrase that?” and rewording your search, make a note of the first search. Perhaps your company website could provide the missing result. If you made it, so might others.

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