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Every table tells a story

If you have a range of models in a particular product line, aimed at different applications or performance levels, how well do you explain this on your website? It’s quite a problem for many companies, it would seem. One of the best ways of getting the message over quickly is a product table. Across the top, the different models. Down the side, the features and benefits of each. In the table itself, ticks, star ratings or simple numerical values. I know, it sounds really obvious, but it’s surprising how often such a table is yelling out to be used, and isn’t.

Product tables can be used whether the models are good-better-best, or have different feature combinations optimised for specific applications, and they’re widely used for differentiating plans in service companies. However, there’s no reason at all why the approach shouldn’t be used more widely in product line overviews. Many of you will probably use detailed product performance tables in your literature, but could you make use of more generalised ones to outline your range?

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