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Where on the page should you close the deal?

A tremendous article on Smart Insights called Where is the ‘best’ place to put your CTA? serves as a great primer to landing page design. As I’ve said many times, having a dedicated landing page to tie in with a specific promotion such as an advert or email is frequently worth the effort and expense. With so many adverts (and indeed email links) being nothing more than teasers, they can be seen as the coverlines on a magazine, with the real meat being the content which the ad (or coverline) is pointed towards. Your ad won’t do the selling, it’s your landing page which has to do that, and so many companies’ standard product pages just aren’t up to the job.

So have a read of the article, and you’ll see just how much better your landing page could be, even if the ultimate objective is something as rare and desirable as procuring requests for sales meetings.

Where is the ‘best’ place to put your CTA?

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