Hundreds of Tools for Marketers

The team here at BMON (along with a few clients) were lucky enough recently to have Judith Lewis come and speak to us, and we all learned a lot from someone who gets involved with websites whose traffic has several extra zeroes on the end compared to our own. Talking about useful tools for website owners, Judith pointed us towards this website – Hundreds of Tools for Marketers – which must surely be one of the most amazing collections of useful resources ever published for anyone running a website. Even the list of collections is extensive: SEO Analysis, Domain, Links, Keyword, Competitive Analysis, Tracking, Social Media, Spam/Hacking, Structured Markup, Developer, Data Visualization Tools, Data Sources, Infographic Submission Sites and other Efficiency Tools. So if you’ve ever read about a tool to do something but can’t find it, or if you were wondering how the professionals analyse various aspects of a site, this is a fabulous place to start.


Hundreds of Tools for Marketers

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