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I like LinkedIn more and more. I’m even finding it useful for advertising too, in specific instances (such as for products and services which people don’t know they want). I thought I’d pass on a couple of useful features which I’ve been using recently, in case you haven’t spotted them yourself.

The first is the “Skills & Expertise” panel underneath the “experience” section. This is a summary of all the endorsements you’ve been given through that nagging screen LinkedIn keeps presenting you with whenever you visit a page. Apart from being a nice thing to have yourself, it’s also useful when you’re looking up people who are sales prospects, potential suppliers or even employment targets. Here’s mine (with thanks to everyone who’s endorsed me):

Skills and Expertise - Chris Rand - on LinkedIn

The other panels I like are “In Common With”, which shows what you have in common with other people, and the new “How You’re Connected” area. These are on the right-hand side of the page. So visit a person’s profile, and you can see what LinkedIn Groups you have in common, what company links you have, what areas of expertise you both possess, and the people who link you. It can be surprisingly useful.

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