Conservative website design: don’t make me think

The other day I talked about putting in the bulk of the structural design and content creation work on a new website before you bring in a web design agency. I recommended that you shamelessly steal ideas from other sites when it comes to the website’s structural design, and that you should allocate a significant amount of time to studying other sites. To help you in this task, there’s a useful article on the design website Noupe called What Can You Learn From Web Design Of Fortune 500 Companies? This analyses what major brands are doing, and will give you some ideas about what they’ve got right …and wrong. As the article says, “Make your way through the infographic to get confirmation that a clean standards based web design with a modern approach still is the way to do it. Push aside all the whistle-blowers who tell you that you must dive into the extraordinary to become successful.” Conservative design is not a bad idea: in B2B the mantra should always be “don’t make me think”.

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