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Bringing the Hannover Fair to the press

Having just written about how hard it must be for today’s trade press editors to get out and about, along comes a note from our friends at Give Me 5, the “speed networking” event for trade journalists and the companies which want to reach them. They tell me: “Basically, as you’ll remember in days of yore, all us good people in the trade and tech media would schlep over to the Hannover Fair and lay down loads of shoe leather in ferreting out the new technology and products from a huge variety of suppliers in a wide array of sectors.

“However, these days with journalists’ time being so pushed and with budgets being tight, very few editors have the time or flexibility to spend a few days on a ‘fact-finding mission’.

“So, Give Me 5 in April is an attempt to bring Hannover to the journalists! As usual we’ll have 12 companies and 12 journos and it’s a great opportunity to tell the journalists all about the brilliant products that a company launched at Hannover which they weren’t able to see.”

I think this is a top idea. I’m sure many of you will have a presence at the Hannover Fair, especially if you have a German parent or office, which is sure to be nothing short of obsessed with the event. If so, they’re sure to be saving up all the interesting news in the expectation that the entire trade press will be present. Sadly, most of it won’t be. So briefing people here is exactly the sort of “making the editor’s job easier” activity that I’ve been saying is so important nowadays.

More info: Give Me 5, April 23

1 thought on “Bringing the Hannover Fair to the press”

  1. I have attended several of these events on behalf of TDK Lambda. It is extremely cost effective for suppliers like us as well as benefitting journalists.

    It is a Genius idea by the Gimme 5 guys

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