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[Survey] What offers are you making to your customers?

You may recall a couple of weeks back that I talked about the call-to-action offers which you might make to prospects visiting the product pages on your website. As promised, I’ve set up a short one-question survey so that we can get a snapshot of what readers of this daily article are doing at the moment. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in control of the website, or even if you approve of what it does, just let us know how your company progresses its prospects from reading about a product to the next step.

So if your company has a product-based website, do please click here and answer our completely anonymous survey. I hope enough of you will do this for us to get a good idea of what real companies are doing at the moment, which should make for some interesting discussion. Full results in a week or so’s time!

Answer our completely anonymous survey here

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