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An idea for a compelling early-stage marketing document

I do like the idea from a recent article on the B2B Conversations Now blog which floats the idea of turning the features and benefits of your product into a useful “Top Customer Requirements” document. Let me explain.

First of all, take the features list for the product. Normally, you’d look at turning these into the benefits they bring before using them in a marketing context, and it might be useful to still do that alongside each feature. So, our blue widget has a 20m/sec traversing speed (benefit: faster cycle time), a 12nm resolution (benefit: smaller particle detection), etc. Now, rewrite these into the requirements a customer might have, which the product subsequently meets. In other words, the requirements might be a cycle time of no more than 2 seconds on a 40m traverse, and the ability to detect particles as small as 12nm as standard. Now we’re starting to compile a document which could easily be presented as “Top Customer Requirements”. Read as a list, many prospects will see them as a series of things which it would be hard not to want, and of course, they are exactly the requirements which your product meets.

This is an excellent document to use at the early stage in the buying cycle, before prospects want to talk to sales.

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