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When a picture beats any number of words

In marketing writing, as well as some broad media areas, the use of infographics has exploded over the past couple of years, as their effectiveness at getting over a detailed message concisely has become much better known. I’m surprised that they haven’t been used that much in engineering and scientific marketing, to be honest, as no customer base is more likely to be excited by data visualisations. They can be quite newsworthy too, and many websites have created them with the express aim of generating links. If you have some quantitative or comparative data to get over to your prospects, an original graphical visualisation can be an excellent way to do it. There are many excellent illustrators around who can create one for you at a reasonable cost, and there are many uses for the finished product: on your website, in sales documentation and on display boards, for example.

Let me know if you’ve created any good examples yourself, or if you’ve seen any around. Here’s one from IBM brought to our attention by a company called L&S Electric (click to see the whole thing):


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