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What’s the best practice for including videos in emails?

Yesterday I mentioned our video production service aimed at the particular requirements of industrial and scientific businesses, but one capability of videos which I didn’t mention was how powerful they are in emails. According to this test, a video leading off an email can improve the response by 300%! However, you can’t “attach” a video to an email like a file, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to include it as an embedded item either. Some email clients and corporate email systems don’t like that much. Instead, include an image which looks like it’s an embedded video. Clicking on that image (which most people would probably believe was the video) then takes the reader through to the video on the web. To make the effect really seamless, you could put the video on a page of its own and set it to auto-play. This is what I did in my email to you yesterday (below).

Best practice for embedding videos in emails?

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