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We’ve made a video about making videos

It’s believed that the second-most used search box on the web, after Google, is the one on YouTube. That’s why any company which is serious about search engine marketing needs to be featured on YouTube …and that, in turn, means making videos about your products and services. As an outsourcing agency specialising in search engine marketing, that means we just had to get involved in video production this year, and as regular readers will know, we put our own spin on it which was much more appropriate to industrial and scientific companies. I think it’s fair to say that every single one of the companies we’ve been making videos for in 2012 has been really pleased with the results, in terms of how little involvement was required from them, how cost-effective the exercise was, and how good it’s made them look.

Our videos can be embedded in your own website (it’s easy, and like everything else, we’ll show you how, or even do it for you). They can be downloaded and strung together to show at an exhibition (where, by popular request they’ll work with the sound turned down!). And of course they’ll form the basis of a proper, traffic generating YouTube channel (which we’ll also set up for you). The cost is within your 2013 marketing budget, so what are you waiting for? Watch this:

About the BMON One Minute Video production service

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