Seen this little trick with Google’s Image Search?

This is a really smart little trick which could throw up a useful result. Go to Google, and click on “images” at the top to get to Google’s Image Search. Now find a copy of your company’s logo, and drag it onto the search box. Google will then go away and find other instances of that image appearing on the web. Cool, huh? But rather useful too, if you’re looking for more obscure links to your site, for example. Also, if you’ve changed your logo, you can use this feature to find sites which are using the old one and which ought to be updated. You may find other uses for this feature. Let me know in the comments.


  1. Eva

    Thank you Chris, interesting. I’ve just tried this for a client’s logo and not all occurrences are picked up. I wonder if that means that those pages aren’t indexed by Google.

  2. Chris Rand Post author

    Unlikely, I would think. It probably means that their image matching algorithm has some way to go.

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