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Seen the improvements to in-page analytics?

I love Google’s “in-page analytics” feature. If you’re trying to analyse how to improve a web page, it’s one of the most useful tools available to you. For those without Google Analytics, or who’ve never got that far down the menus, in-page analytics is the feature which shows you an actual page on your website, with little flags next to each link showing the number of times that link gets clicked on. Something like this:

This presentation can be a real eye-opener for many companies, often showing that certain links are almost, if not totally, redundant. Yes folks, nobody has ever clicked on that corporate link which was included in the design just to keep some department happy, and the link is just a distraction to the real job in hand.

If you have Google Analytics and don’t use in-page analytics, you should. The good news is that some new features have just been added, but they require some extra code to be added to your page, so you might want to forward the announcement to your website designer or manager. The main improvement is that previously, the response to multiple links to the same page was accumulated, so if you had a big link at the top to your home page getting 10% of clicks, and a tiny one at the bottom getting 1%, both would be flagged as 11%. Now they’ll be separated properly. In addition, there’s now data on buttons and other non-standard links. This is really useful stuff.

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