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Does your “About Us” just say “We Don’t Care About You”?

There are no hard-and-fast rules about website design, but one convention which all company sites should adhere to is having an “about us” page and a “contact us” page. Anyone who examines the visitor flow on their website will almost certainly find the single biggest path taken by visitors to be the home page followed by the “contact us” page, and when you look at page views, you should find the “about us” page right up there. These pages are vitally important, and need to be exploited ruthlessly

For a small company, the “about us” and “contact us” pages can be combined, in order to get a few more people to see the “about us” message without inconveniencing them unduly. But that’s assuming you’re making the most of the message you give out under “about us” in the first place. Many companies throw this away and just write a paragraph or two of corporate nonsense. This is a huge waste. If you thinking that – sadly – you have no choice other than to make your company’s “about us” dull and full of management-speak, because that’s what the MD likes, then fair enough. I accept that. But it tells me everything I need to know about your company. It tells me you’ll probably be really hard work to deal with.

The “about us” message is where you tell the prospective customer, efficiently and concisely, why you’re a company they can do business with. They want to know about your track record and your customer base. They want the reassurance of testimonials, awards or certifications. They want to know you’re staffed by human beings. What they absolutely will not read is anything which starts off with the words “mission” and “statement”. To me, that says one thing: this is a boring company which doesn’t speak my language and where the staff are more concerned about their officious managing director than their customers. Avoid.

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