Do you still equate content marketing with writing a blog?

Most people discussing the way forward for business-to-business marketing will consider “content marketing” to be right up there amongst the top priorities now. It’s not an easy thing to budget for in 2013, but then again, nor was “PR” in the old days when so much investment went into press releases, and I always saw that on budget planning sheets.

So what do we mean by “content marketing”? It means generating a wide range of promotional material which will be read, shared and picked up by the search engines. It will get you business like nothing else in the long term. Most will be written, although generating videos should be in your strategy too. What turns many marketing managers away from seriously scheduling content marketing into their budget is that they mistakenly think that content marketing means writing a blog. It’s nothing of the sort.

For business to business companies, content marketing includes the production of product news, company news, technical background articles, white papers, case studies, testimonials and yes, a blog …and more besides. You probably do some or all of these already. What smart marketers are doing is to formalise schedules for producing this material, and obtaining a specific budget (in terms of manpower as well as money) to make it happen. Content marketing brings together a number of things under one heading, and acknowledges their vastly increased importance nowadays, and needs to be a serious (perhaps the most serious) item in any 2013 markeing budget.

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