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Why are you holding back on your best sales presentations?

I’ve been to some terrific technical sales presentations in my time, where the salesman is not only engaging, but where the whole talk has clearly been thought through and is based on real experience of what works. Some great salesmen know how to do this instinctively, others work it out over a period of time. Either way, a good sales presentation probably ends up outlining where something can be done better, how a particular product or service can achieve that, and then overcomes any objections as it moves towards the point where not taking up the offer looks foolish.

If presentations like this exist in your company, why are you not offering them as a resource to your company’s most prolific salesman? By that, of course, I mean your website. Why are your best face-to-face (or even telesales) presentations not being given to the hundreds of prospects who visit your website each month? Most of these will leave without you ever knowing who they were, simply because you passed over the opportunity of selling to them.

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