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Still keyword stuffing, and stuffing those keywords?

Online copywriters, which means just about everyone in marketing nowadays, need to keep a close watch on any information slipping out of Google, and the recent SitePro News article Matt Cutts Reveals Google’s Updated SEO Copywriting Strategy has revealed a few changes which are worth knowing. If you’ve ever felt frustrated that the top Google result for “blue widgets” (which comes from your competitor) doesn’t even mention blue widgets (although you’ll admit it’s very relevant to blue widgets), this is all down to Google’s ever-increasing intelligence. We’ve moved on a long way from the days when a page which mentioned “blue widgets” ten times automatically ranked higher than a page which mentioned it once. Now Google understands synonyms, which ought to make us all think a little harder when we’re copywriting, and it’s quite happy even if the words “blue” and “widgets” aren’t together.

1 thought on “Still keyword stuffing, and stuffing those keywords?”

  1. I have to agree with you Chris. Google is getting more and more intelligent with each update they release. They battled out link automation,on-page optimization and duplicate content, and now even the usage of exact match domain. SEO is getting tougher and only those who can cope can survive their challenging updates.

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