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We’re taught that business success comes from identifying a need and producing something to meet that need. But as many people with game-changing products know, often there’s no clear need, just a realisation that something could be done so much better. Earlier in the year we put together our BMON One Minute Video offering, and in researching the idea I’d spoken to one company which had just spent £3,000 on a corporate video designed primarily to be shown at their major trade exhibition. Apart from the cost, this had three huge flaws. Firstly, it was five minutes long. Nobody would stop and watch that while walking the aisles of the NEC. Secondly, it relied on an explanatory voiceover. Making that generally audible would, after three days, drive every exhibitor within 25 metres to threaten serious violence. Thirdly, being a corporate video, it was unlikely to get used again except at the next company open day. Seriously, who else in the world would want to watch it?

Our One Minute Videos are just a much better way of doing things. We make – as you might expect – individual videos which are around one minute in length. Each covers a different product, service or application. For £3,000 we’ll make a dozen of them for you, and you can sequence these to make a 12-minute rolling presentation at an exhibition. As each element is no longer than a minute long, there’s a chance that they might actually hold visitors’ attention. In addition, the whole story is told through images and captions, so there’s no need to turn the sound up to a level which can’t be ignored.

So for exhibitions, our One Minute Videos are just the job. But they work even better on your website. Instead of a corporate video which nobody will be looking for, you get twelve videos about products which people will be looking for. A video on each of your product pages will bring the pages to life, and get the sales message over effectively and concisely. The videos can also go on your own YouTube channel, which we can create, so it’s easy to point prospects towards them as an alternative to your own website. They’ll feature in the Google results and can probably show a return on investment just on the website traffic they’ll generate.

Finally, our market research showed that potential customers (like you, we hope) didn’t want to script and storyboard videos, they just wanted to be able to say “get them done”. So all we require is a press release or data sheet for each video, and a couple of images to use. We have proper technical editors here who understand your technology and will do everything else. And we mean everything.

You can see some of the videos we’ve been making here.

And you can read more details about our One Minute Videos here.

BMON One Minute Video Showcase

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