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Hands tied? You’re not alone.

Probably once a week I have the conversation with a client where they apologetically explain that much as they’d like to be able to (insert really elementary marketing initiative here), they’re unable to, perhaps because of a directive from head office, or the fact that the website’s run in Switzerland, or that the managing director has an irrational dislike of what they know they need to do. Occasionally I’m staggered at how a company which is run like that can remain in business …but not often. Much more frequently, I’m able to say: “Don’t worry, you’re far from alone”. Whatever the problem, there’s nearly always someone who’s got it worse, including among your own competitors. I’m quite aware that some of the stuff I bang on about here is the stuff of dreams for many of you, but thanks for sticking with me in the hope that just occasionally, something might come up which you hadn’t thought of but which you – amazingly – are able to implement. So let’s talk. Let’s see what you can do, instead of getting hung up on the stuff you’re not able to.

Sales Prevention Policies? More companies have got them than you might imagine.

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