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Do you ensure your customers appreciate you?

We all know that retaining existing customers is every bit as important as gaining new ones, but the responsibility for doing this often falls down the gap between departments or job functions. Even at companies which have taken specific steps to allocate responsibility for retaining customers, it’s unusual to find the same amount of effort going into this as it does into uncovering and nurturing prospects. But if you do put resources into looking after the people who buy from you, and perhaps go over and above what’s expected in your industry, it’s important to let those customers know it. Many will take your support for granted, and won’t even think to ask your competition if they provide the same additional service. It’s easy to say: “We’re such a good company to deal with that they’ll never go anywhere else”, but if they don’t realise why, they might well give someone else a try one day. Sure, they may regret it, but it’s too late for you then.

2 thoughts on “Do you ensure your customers appreciate you?”

  1. Do small things well, customer’s are more likely to trust you with larger requirements.
    Follow up promptly, especially when customer has had minor issues, same principle applies.
    Never, ever take the business for granted. Keep asking questions even in areas where they may seem to be no short term business.
    Thank them for every order – politeness never loses its positive impact.
    If involving a third party to help provide a solution, extend the same courtesy as you would to your direct customer.

  2. I think the marketing/PR and customer service/relations departments should work closely together on ensuring expectations are met or exceeded. Marketing shouldn’t promise something that when customers come in to complain, CS are left to handle the ‘mess’.

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