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Can you erase your bad SEO tracks?

An interesting new tool provided by Google will only be of use in rare instances, but it’s worth knowing about, especially if your company has engaged in cheap “search engine optimisation” (SEO) in the past. What bad SEO services tend to do is to plant links on some really “spammy” websites – a technique which might have had some short-term success once upon a time, but which has little effect nowadays and – critically – is moving towards being actively counterproductive. If your website’s “backlink profile” (the list of sites which link to you) is full of dodgy sites, which you’re quite certain are harming its performance in the Google results, you might like to take a look at Google’s “Disavow Links” tool. This lets you ask Google to not consider such links. It’s not supposed to be some sort of recovery system if your site ever plummets down the Google results because it falls foul of a change in Google’s ranking algorithms. That’ll probably be too late. If you’re worried about what might have happened in the past, I’d get a reputable SEO consultant to examine your site before doing anything, but on the off-chance that they suggest using the “Disavow Links” tool, it is a legitimate approach. As I said, this tool is unlikely to be one most companies will ever need, but if you want to know more, There’s a good background article on Hubspot’s Inbound Internet Marketing blog here.

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