Are you covering the essentials on LinkedIn?

If you’ve got a personal LinkedIn page (and please tell me you have), then it’s worth taking a look at it often, for a number of reasons. For a start, almost every time I visit my own page, I see something which needs amending or improving. The statistics show that my profile gets viewed several times a week, and I’m willing to bet that at least once a month it’s viewed by someone who could be important to me, either personally or professionally. Unless you’re 100% a backroom person, never emerging blinking into the daylight, people will visit your LinkedIn page. You owe it to yourself to keep it up-to-date and to improve it continually. You may not routinely look at others’ LinkedIn pages before meeting them or talking to them, but trust me, many people do. I’ve even found myself casually looking up someone’s LinkedIn page while talking to them on the telephone. If nothing else, make sure you have an up-to-date photo and current job information. It shows you in a very poor light if you don’t. A photo isn’t vanity, it’s courtesy.

Away from your own details, something which is always of interest, and often useful, is to click on the link showing your own connections. I nearly always find that one or two people I know have changed jobs, and occasionally are now in a position where we could be of use to each other. It’s fascinating. If you only have a handful of connections (and perhaps even if you have a lot), do keep visiting the “People You May Know” section and build your connection base by sending out a few requests. Don’t treat LinkedIn like Friends Reunited: it’s a business card for the 21st century.

LinkedIn profile for Chris Rand of BMON

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  1. Well said, Chris! I’m delivering a presentation about LinkedIn to Paphos Business Network next week and I’m going to quote you in my introduction. Probably in full.

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