So what did I mean by spending money where it gets results?

So I left you yesterday by saying you should avoid paying Search Engine Optimisation consultants on an ongoing basis in favour of “spending money where it gets real results”. Where’s that? Well, if the object of SEO is to increase the traffic to your site, then by “spending money where it gets real results”, I mean buying traffic. I know that’s a crude way of describing advertising, but let’s face facts. And the most cost-effective way of getting your website visitor graph going up is currently pay-per-click advertising. That’s why Google took US$37,900,000,000 in revenue last year. It still doesn’t impress the MD as much as buying the front cover of Widget World Monthly, but its effectiveness is incomparable.

(Aside: it’s “incomparable” because while you can measure the results of pay-per-click advertising exactly, the only way most companies can measure the effectiveness of print advertising is if they’ve invented an instrument to quantify warm fuzzy feelings).

So I was delighted to read 7 Ways PPC Kicks SEO’s Butt on the advertising industry blog from Acquisio. While the industry is quite aware that the money is to be made in SEO services, this article argues that for clients, PPC is a much more sensible investment. The author is writing for people within the online marketing consultancy sector, but you’ll get the points he’s making, even if you’re not interested in “high-funnel research terms” or who “Matt Cutts” is. Do have a quick read of the article right now.

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