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Is your content spread too thinly?

Websites aren’t graded by the number of pages they contain. Sure, it’s great to have lots of varied content and interesting articles, and you should have product pages for every model you sell, which can be quite a lot. But for a page to do well in Google, it needs to have a meaty amount of information, and many companies could benefit from combining pages on their website on the same topic – perhaps ones which might have been added at different times. One useful way to get some clues as to whether or not your content is spread out, is to use a search engine. This could be either your inbuilt one (if you have it), or Google. To search just your own site on Google, simply type in “site:” and your domain name before your search terms, like this:

Google site search

If you’re getting a long list of results, there might be an opportunity to consolidate some of the material to provide a page which would make your visitors’ lives a bit easier, and help you rank more highly in the search engines too. Of course, if you do end up deleting a page, do ensure the old page address is redirected to the new enlarged one.

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