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Do you come across as a trustworthy operation?

If we stumble across a company we didn’t know before, no matter how interesting their products, the first thing which goes through our minds is: “are they trustworthy?” This is the case if we drive past their office or see them at an exhibition, but especially so when it comes to a website. Don’t forget, if you don’t look like a serious business at a glance, it’s easier for a prospect to hit the “back” button than to delve further into your site.

I assume your website doesn’t look amateur. A professionally designed effort is within everyone’s reach nowadays. But are there instant signals that you’re a serious business? Is there a telephone number (and preferably an address) on every page? Or if that’s not practical, is there at least a prominent label or link saying “Worldwide Offices” or whatever? Does the “About Us” page have photos of your office or factory, and of your management? Are there testimonials, customer lists or anything which demonstrates you’re a successful operation? Does the first result in Google look good when you type in your company name? These are all quick indicators to prospects that they should be able to do business with you. Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking “everyone’s heard of us and will trust us”.

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