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Can we help with an AdWords campaign for you?

Although we’re only a relatively small, specialist Google AdWords management agency, I’m really thrilled with the steady growth in clients who’ve chosen to use us in the past two or three years. If you already use us (or conversely, know that you never will be able to), then I hope you’ll forgive the occasional bit of self-promotion here. We have new readers all the time (over 2000 of you now!), and I know that some of you wonder why I go to all the effort of writing this stuff for free. It’s just practising what I preach: to be successful with online marketing, you need to put content out there to be found, and the business will eventually come. Nobody tends to be “sold” search engine advertising against their better judgement, unlike traditional advertising where the sales rep leaves and you think to yourself “did I really just book that?” Companies decide to start search engine advertising when it’s right for them, and we hope that being familiar with us, they’ll give our services a shot.

After several years serving the engineering, scientific and building sectors, we still offer a way of working which I’ve not seen elsewhere – although it appears to be just what the market wants. It’s quite simple: you just say: “Please start a Google AdWords campaign for us”. You decide how much you want to spend on AdWords advertising, we do everything else, and you get an invoice for the amount you’ve budgeted. It can’t be any more “hands off” for you.

If you’re new to this and are wondering why that’s unique, here’s what’ll happen if you ask a random advertising agency to run a Google AdWords campaign for you. Firstly, they’ll often say: “to begin with, you’ll have to set up an AdWords account and arrange to have it billed directly to your company credit card or bank account, then we’ll take over the running.” Most businesses hate the open-ended nature of that. Then they’ll say: “Clear some time, because we’re going to need a lot of help from you in setting up the campaign, as we don’t understand all the technical terminology involved”. Why subcontract something if it means you’ll still have to do lots of work? Finally, they’ll say: “We can’t guarantee how much this is going to cost you each month, because all sorts of parameters vary in AdWords”. Obviously, that’s hopeless for budgeting reasons.

In addition, they’ll probably have a charge for their services which might seem transparent, but will constantly have you guessing their hourly rate and then thinking: “Is that all the time they’re going to be spending on my account?”

We understand your market, so your only involvement will be telling us to get on with it, and raising a purchase order. Then watch the additional traffic start to pour into your website. Don’t forget, with AdWords you only get charged when the visitors turn up. If that’s not enough, we have a real “community” amongst our clients now, and we try our hardest to look after you way beyond just running the AdWords campaign. You’ll get useful reports every month, set up in your own Google Analytics account if you have it, and we provide a stream of other reports about how well your site’s performing – great stuff to use internally. And I’m always here to help you with anything web-related, whatever your level of expertise. We have a few clients who are clearly online marketing specialists …but even more who will freely admit their expertise lies elsewhere. We love you all, of course.

Now here’s the call to action. Find out more about what we do here or…
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