Ever thought you could produce an eBook in-house?

Here’s a terrific resource which was published on the Hubspot Inbound Internet Marketing blog recently. For those of you who like the idea of writing an eBook, A Simple PowerPoint Ebook Template for Mere Marketing Mortals could make the whole project affordable.

There’s an overlap in how people define White Papers and eBooks, and to many companies, there’s very little difference between the two: I’d say that eBooks are lighter versions of White papers which might be used earlier in the sales cycle. It’s not really important, however. What does matter is that your company produces this sort of marketing material, and that it looks great.

That’s where the template above might be useful, because it skips the need to go through a graphic designer, and allows you to write the eBook in an application which you might be quite familiar: Microsoft Powerpoint. The advantage of using Powerpoint is that you’ll get a much more visually arresting document than if you set out to produce the eBook in, say, Microsoft Word. Indeed, using that Powerpoint template and some decent text and images from an old “how to” article you might have knocking around, I reckon you could produce a genuinely decent eBook in a few hours.

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