Are you committing these 3 fatal errors in AdWords?

I’ve been asked to take a look at a number of companies’ Google AdWords accounts in the past few weeks, with a view to suggesting what they could be doing better (and perhaps why BMON could profitably manage things for them instead). I’ve seen three huge mistakes on several occasions, and I’m throwing them out here for free, so that if you’re committing any of them, you can quietly make the necessary repairs.

1. Mixing Search and Display Network advertising in the same campaign. These are two completely different animals, and to mix them up together makes the performance data meaningless. One company didn’t know it was doing this because it didn’t even know it was advertising on the Display Network.

2. Mixing ads aimed at different parts of the world in the same campaign. Even if the countries have languages in common, to get balance, the amount you should be bidding will vary wildly from one part of the world to another. On analysis, one company discovered to its horror that over half of its traffic in a worldwide campaign was coming from India, a country which was not a significant target.

3. Not maintaining the account on a frequent basis. Our clients expect us to monitor and adjust their campaigns on an almost daily basis, certainly a couple of times a week. It’s not just about optimising the bids, it’s also about improving the search term selection by spotting new keywords which need their own ads or new match types. However, I’ve seen one account recently which hasn’t had any changes made to it for nearly two years.

Making the case for outsourcing the Google AdWords account to us was usually straightforward in the cases above, because the amount of money being wasted each month was more than we’d charge to manage things. But most companies admit that the reason their accounts have fallen into a state of neglect is because of increasing demands on the marketing department, which simply don’t leave even an hour or two a week for looking after this vital advertising outlet.

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