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Need a workbook for a Content Marketing strategy?

Here’s an absolutely terrific free download from a London-based marketing agency called Velocity Partners, which has started to make a habit of producing great content …to illustrate why we should all be producing great content. The Big Fat B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist is an instantly downloadable guide to creating a strategy and execution plan for what’s often known as “marketing which doesn’t annoy your prospects”. If I was parachuted into an engineering or scientific company tomorrow and asked to take over their marketing, this is just the sort of guide I’d want to work through. What so many people love about a content marketing strategy is that it brings together, extracts the best of, and to some extent replaces traditional “PR” and advertising. The reason so many successful B2B marketers now base their efforts around it is because the message has finally hit home that customers are more interested in their requirements than your products. And if you’re not providing the sort of material we’re talking about, your competitors probably are. Indeed, this guide starts from the assumption that almost everybody has content marketing at the heart of their business development strategy, and therefore the next step is to do it better. Now, I must say I’d like to work in that world, but the implication is clear: content marketing is here to stay. Download The Big Fat B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist here.

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