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How do you get other websites to run your content? [SEO Wednesdays]

Last week I looked at the “low-hanging fruit” which is obtaining effective links from your principals and distributors. To get further links from those sites (which have an interest in your business success), and from third-party sites (which don’t), you need to move on to more exciting ideas. That probably means writing decent-quality articles which other sites would publish simply because it makes their own site better.

You’ve probably been doing this for years, possibly without realising it, by sending press releases to magazine websites. When I edited Engineeringtalk a few years ago, it was a mutually beneficial process: you would make the investment in creating press releases, in order to be published on our website and get links back (in turn, your content gave us the traffic which we could turn into revenue). If I was running a site like Engineeringtalk today, I would ensure (and companies like you would demand) that we also put direct embedded links into the text, as we do on our BMON Company Directory nowadays:

It’s a major marketing commitment to start a “production line” of short articles to go on other sites, but it can be very cost-effective compared with a lot of the stuff which companies still waste their money on. But even if you don’t have the resources in-house, commissioning a technical writer or PR company (we can recommend some appropriate good ones if you’re interested) to write a short article for you every week needn’t be the province of the big players in your market. Then your job is to look for the websites (belonging to magazines, blogs, your own principals and distributors) which will accept your articles. You’ll be surprised how grateful many of them will be. Most are quite aware of the need to include as much new content as possible on their sites, and if people are offering them free stuff, that’s great news. You might be surprised, for example, to discover that some magazines are delighted to run articles written specially for them on their websites only; it’s just that few companies ever ask for that, sending in press releases aimed at print publication when the greater benefit is to appear on the magazine website. And your distributors? Why wouldn’t they want to run free articles from you?

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