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Are you putting the advertising cart before the horse?

“Conversion rate” is the term which online marketing people use to describe the proportion of website visitors who complete a required action, such as buying a product or downloading a brochure. Improving your conversion rate is almost certainly the most cost-effective marketing win available to you at the moment. It costs a lot to get people to your website, and you need to make the most of them.

However, few companies seem to do the sums on this. The other day, I wrote about designing forms on your website which would encourage as many people as possible to complete them. Redesigning a landing page and a response form can easily double the response rate. That means that where you got 10 sales leads before, you’d now get 20.

Now, I know plenty of marketing managers who might spend, say, £2500 a month on advertising to get 20-30 sales leads; that’s generating leads at £100 a time. If the conversion rate could be doubled, they could save half their advertising budget. So an improved web page which “converts” twice as well could instantly save in excess of £1000 a month, even on that average budget. Yet ask the same people to spend even a few hundred pounds getting a great landing page designed, and they’re not as keen. It makes no sense.

Clearly, web designers need to market and explain themselves as well as advertising sales reps do.

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