Are you making the most of Twitter?

You don’t need to be a Twitter addict like me to use it as a marketing asset for your business. The reasons to make use of what some people call the “microblogging” service are many, including its use as a publicity outlet, the links it can give you, the potential to interact with prospects, and – let’s be honest – the fact that it looks good to have a Twitter account. You don’t need to be “Tweeting” every few minutes to gain most of the advantages of a company Twitter account. Visitors to your website who use Twitter will click on your timeline, and even if they don’t “follow” you, they’ll get a quick summary of your news, and it’s a quick and effective way to convey the impression that your company is alive and well.

To achieve that effect, I reckon you only need to put up a Tweet every few days. Sure, there are a lot of advantages of really getting stuck into Twitter, responding to customers and taking part in relevant online conversations. That’s a bigger step, but one you can move on to later if you wish. Here’s a random example of a company just using Twitter just to show it’s very much in business:

ENEX Group on Twitter

The time taken to maintain that Twitter account? Probably no more than a couple of hours a month. To me, it seems like a minimal investment for a good marketing asset, and one which may also grow in influence as you build “followers”. I think it’s particularly appropriate if you’re one of those companies which finds it hard to add content to your own website frequently (and sometimes there are very good reasons for this, such as “our website is done by the parent company and they never update it!”). For companies like these, a Twitter account – especially if the Tweets can be displayed in a panel on the site, like this – will instantly get over the “this company looks dead to me” problem which some websites give out.

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  1. Its worth knowing that if you don’t have a few minutes to dedicate to twitter you can use to automatically post your news to your twitter account, just be warey that it only shows the first 140 characters including a URL to your article.

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