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Do you know how many internal links are on your home page?

Here’s a nice new tool for you to have a play with. Ecreative Internet Marketing’s PageRank Juice Calculator will help illustrate the value of internal links on your website (i.e links to other pages on your own website, such as menu items) and how their value proportionately decreases with the number of links in the site’s navigation. To use the tool, just enter your home page URL and your Google PageRank (which you can find here). The PageRank Juice Calculator sends a spider to collect all the links you have on that page, converts that into a total pool of link juice, and then tells you how much juice flows through each link.

If you’re wondering what on earth “link juice” is, here’s a good explanation.

It’s quite fun, before running the tool, to ask yourself: “How many internal links have I got on my home page?” The answer which you’ll get from the tool will probably surprise you. Do you seriously need all of those links?

PageRank Juice Calculator

2 thoughts on “Do you know how many internal links are on your home page?”

  1. If you are worried about ‘diluted juice’, is it affective to no-follow those links that are there for navigation but to pages that you are less driven to see rank? It seems logical enough to be correct but I haven’t tested it??

  2. Technically it might work, but the art of “link sculpting” (which is what this is) is just that, a bit of an art. I’d reiterate: if these pages aren’t important, why are you linking to them from everywhere?

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